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2950 Switch access to Device Manger

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  • 2950 Switch access to Device Manger

    I have several Cisco 2950 switches all running IOS 12.1(22)EA13 and am unable to access the web-based device manager on any of them.

    1. The Device Manager is installed on the switches from the tar file.
    2. The switches are configured with an ip address on the management vlan as well as a default gateway.
    3. The switches are configured as an http server.
    4. I can successfully ping the switches as well as around my network from the switches.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: 2950 Switch access to Device Manger

    Did you try putting http:// before the ip address of the switch or https:// also make sure that "ip http server" is in the config?


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      Re: 2950 Switch access to Device Manger

      Yes, ip http server is in the config, and I have tried both http:// and https:// before the ip address.

      Thanks for the suggestions though


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        Re: 2950 Switch access to Device Manger

        I am not sure. On my 3560, if i just type in the ip address into the address bar, I get a login prompt. Are you maybe ACL'ed or firewalled which blocks you from connecting?

        Can you post your IOS boot file location?

        ie: System image file is "flash:c3560-ipbase-mz.122-35.SE5/c3560-ipbase-mz.122-35.SE5.bin"


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          Re: 2950 Switch access to Device Manger

          Thank you all for your responses, but I've resolved the issue: I hadn't yet given the configuration a Privileged mode password, so my connection attempts were being denied. It was all about the password.

          One interesting note: seems that Cisco has yet to update the Web-interface to work with I.E. 8 or Windows 7. It only works with these Operating Systems: Vista and earlier
          and these Browsers: I.E. 6 or 7, or Firefox 1.5 or 2.0

          If anyone needs old programs that the original developers no longer host for download, try here: