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snmp traps or syslog

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  • snmp traps or syslog

    what is the difference between the two? Should I just use syslog(logging) or traps, or both?

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    Re: snmp traps or syslog

    SNMP is a pretty robust protocol, but it will require you to set up an SNMP Manager on a computer. The Agent on the router will send "trap" messages to the Manager software when certain thresholds are met or exceeded. You can also change device configurations using SNMP. If you plan to use SNMP, please be sure to configure it securely and use a newer version.

    Syslog will send syslog messages to a receiving syslog server. It's a much simpler system to set up and monitor than SNMP. There are free or inexpensive syslog servers available to receive the syslog messages and to help you manage the resulting log files.

    If you use any Linux or BSD boxes, it's built in to many Linux and BSD distributions.

    If you have Windows servers, there are many inexpensive Syslog Daemon's. I've used Kiwi, but it's about $245 a year. You might search around for one you like.