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New Router Setup, Please HELP

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  • New Router Setup, Please HELP

    Hello Guys,
    I am new to Cisco Routers and the small comany (very small comany) that I work for just decided to buy new networking equipment.
    They have purchased the following:

    1 Cisco router 1841
    1 Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch

    we have 6 Pc's that we need up and running by Teu (in 2 days basicly) I've searched the internet of basic setup for those two items. All we need for right now that the Computers can go out to the internet and recive emails. I would think that this would be a basic setup. From the ISP I got the static IP, MASK, GATEWAY, and DNS Info.

    Is there anything out there that will guide me through the steps of setting up the Router and switch. I know very litle about cisco equipment such as setting up passwords hostnames and getting to the certian int's on the router/switch.
    Please if anyone has something out there it would be highly appriciated

    I'm begging for your help
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: New Router Setup, Please HELP is a goog place to start. This should help get you through the initial configuration. Then if you have trouble post back the config here. You can do so using the show run command and then copying. make sure that you remove any passwords or public IP info. There is a post somewhere, that tells best practice for posting configs.


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      Re: New Router Setup, Please HELP

      I hope they bought a Firewall too. If not, [edit]strongly urge them to do so. If they want to stick with Cisco, you could get an ASA 5505 if it meets your needs.

      If you purchased the router with an IOS version that supports it, you could configure it to act as a firewall using IP Inspect commands.
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