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how to nat on the 2 WAN interfaces?

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  • how to nat on the 2 WAN interfaces?


    I have a 2811 router with 2 FastEthernet interfaces connected to two ISPs.
    FA0 / 1 is connected to ISP-1
    FA0 / 2 is connected to ISP-2,
    I created two access-list ACL1 (for isp1) and ACL2 (for isp2) for 2 to nat differents range of two network connection.

    Now, I plan configration for a PBR to automatically switch network ACL1 to isp2 out when the ISP-1 is down and vis-versa.

    My problem is how to configure the "ip nat inside source list .. .." That when the PBR selected next-hop ISP-2, may also be ACL1 by nat in interface FA0 / 2 of the ISP-2.

    How do I configure nat for that when the automatic failover to perform, the different network are accept in the "ip nat inside ..."?

    Or it is there another way to do it?

    This is a sample of initial config :

    interface fastethernet 0/1
    description ISP-1
    ip address X.X.X.X
    ip nat outside

    interface fastethernet 0/2
    description ISP-2
    ip address X.X.X.X
    ip nat outside

    ip access-list standart ACL1

    ip access-list standart ACL2

    ip nat inside source list ACL1 interface fastethernet 0/1 overload

    ip nat inside source list ACL2 interface fastethernet 0/2 overload

    Thanks in advance.