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Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

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  • Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640


    New member - first post.

    I'm working on my CCNA, have a couple 3640's that I have been using for lab work. One of them quit on me, would only boot into rommon, kept getting errors re. wrong checksum when flash would expand during boot.

    I re-loaded flash using xmodem from console, kept getting the same error no mater what IOS I loaded. I got some different flash, should have been good, came from a Cisco re-seller.

    First batch of flash did not go well, came up with error "Get_man_dev: unknown device- probably not formatted"

    I have another (different) set of simms installed, currently d/l-ing with xmodem so it will be a bit before I know if it works.

    Anybody have a clue on what the error was re. the first set of simms, how to fix as I would like to use that mem on another 3640 that I can get but only has 8M of flash installed.

    Thanks in advance, looks like a nice forum, I will be looking/lurking for a bit.

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    Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

    Well, looks like it's not the flash mem. I just got done with another re-load, with good flash mem, and got this, the same thing I got before after loading new IOS and the original error message

    Error : uncompressed image checksum is incorrect 0x0769E955
    Expected a checksum of 0x081F0DA0

    *** System received a Software forced crash ***
    signal= 0x17, code= 0x9, context= 0x8000ee80
    PC = 0x800080d4, Cause = 0x20, Status Reg = 0x3041f003


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      Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

      This error can be caused by corrupted image. If you are sure that the image is OK and the flash mem is OK maybe it is a ram problem. Try to load with the ram from the other working 3640. /I suppose that you have checked the needed flash/ram for the image you are using/.


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        Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

        I've d/l the same IOS version that was running on the router to begin with, as well as many others. Nothing has worked. Not sure what you mean by "checking the needed flash/ram for the image". I am trying to do one more d/l right now, will see if I am brave enough to swap the ram from the working box to the other, at this point I am little gun shy as I at least have a working box, would hate to screw it up if there is something in the bad one that could be blowing something up. Hope you understand. I also pulled the current ram in non-working box just to re-seat it to see if that helps. will know in a bit when this transfer finishes.

        One more thing, I was using SecureCrt to do the xmodem file transfer. Each time I tried, it would always show 2 errors, I figured it was corrected by the protocol. I am now using hyperterm, just trying to see if the errors reported by SecureCrt were an issue or just showing corrections. Quite honestly, not a frequent user of xmodem, so don't really know if the 2 errors it was showing were a log of corrections, or really 2 errors that were always there and that it was not a good transfer of the image. I have not seen any error report so far using hyperterm.

        File transfer completed, no errors reported by hyperterm/xmodem. Now waiting for flash programing to complete. Man, this is a slow painful process to go through.

        BTW, thanks for the reply!!
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          Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

          Well, after using hyperterminal and re-seating the Ram simms, I fianlly got an IOS to load. the IOS was an old one (12.3-1, I decided to try it that one as it was pretty small. anyway, it loaded and I was able to finally get it booted. No ready to call it a victory, decided to try and load up a much larger IOS, the one it was originally running (12.3-24, which was close to 21M. 12.3-18 was only 8M. After loading it via tftp to flash, same problem occured, but it seemed like it only got through half of the image when de-compressing. (I had installed a different set of flash mem simms) At this point, I re-installed the original flash and am going to try and re-load 12.23-24 via xmodem and see what happens. I guess this is a good learning excecise, if if look at it any other way I would have punted the router a while ago.


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            Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

            Every IOS has its requirements about the needed size of flash and ram. One version 12.3 have many builds and different options. If you have the option to encrypt (k9) in your IOS then you will need more ram than if have only IP services IOS. You can check the requirements for your version using cisco's download software page.
            You can check the IOS features and the requirements for your cisco gear using the following link too:
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              Re: Problem with Flash upgrade - 3640

              After much time trying different IOS's and trying to get some stability to the router, I have been able to load and run c3640-i-mz.124-25a. It is about a 12M file and I think I am going to stop here.

              I did take all of the flash and dram simms out and cleaned the contacts with a very fine contact cleaing cloth I had left over from working at one of the Bell operating Co's.

              For the record, the 3640 has 32M flash and 128M dram, so it is pretty well loaded, should be able to run anything up to and including the K9 releases. I have c3640-ik9s-mz.124-25b on pretty much an identical 3640. I may try and load it on the router that has been giving me fits, but too many other things on the plate right now. What is loaded will take care of what I need to do.

              Thanks to alexbgs for responding, very much a great learning experience for me, although a bit frustrating at times.

              I am really impressed with the level of questions and assistance offered in the threads I have read through, will be checking here on a regular basis.
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