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Cannot receive mail from certain domain (WAS:Need Help)

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  • Cannot receive mail from certain domain (WAS:Need Help)

    Hello Everyone,

    Actually I need to track down or have information on an ip which may connect or is not connection on my cisco router. We have a Frame Relay connected to our cisco router and the router transfer all the messages on our Anti-spam Device. Unfortunately we are not able to receive mail from a specific domain from Finland "". We have talked to the guys overthere and they claimed that the problem comes from our mail Server.

    I want to now if there is any command in Cisco which will enable me to track down if their smtp server has connected to my cisco router to transfer message.

    Is "sh ip nat translations" the only command that can be used.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Need Help

    sh ip nat trans will only show you the current IP NAT translation tables.

    If they connected yesterday, and you run that command now, it won't show you.

    I'd try looking at the logs on the mail server itself - that'll show you if the relevant ip address connects.

    Also - consider changing the title of your thread - you might get some more help that way...
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      Re: Cannot receive mail from certain domain (WAS:Need Help)

      If you want to track particular ip you can log the incoming connections from this ip with using ACL. You must use logging service of the router and a server (e.g. syslog) to keep your log info as the router have limited capabilities and is not usually user as log server.

      access-list 101 permit ip host any log


      note: is the ip which you want to be logged /e.g. this line can be added to your incoming ACL on the outside port just change the number of ACL and the ip address and if you want to permit it to certain ip replace "any" with the correct ip address and mask/. this is your log server.
      To have all permitted ip addresses logged is extensive operation and may affect your router operation in production network be careful with this.
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