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Network connectivity problem with server

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  • Network connectivity problem with server


    We are facing problem in connectivity of server using SUN as os. The problem is :

    This problem coming from last to days, before it the server was working fine from lasy two yrs.

    Our server ping goes down automatically time to time and it not accessable on LAN and WAN both.

    At same system it working on the some systems and on other it does not.

    and after some RTO it again starts working automatically.

    On the same switch our second server is working fine.

    we have tried with change of LAN cable of server and tried with the LAN port in switch.

    we have also tried with the change of switch but problem remains.

    Please suggest me any solution.

    sudhir antil

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    Re: Network connectivity problem with server

    There may be a problem of LAN card on server, check for driver updates.


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      Re: Network connectivity problem with server

      I was certain I'd responded to this thread, or one exactly like it.

      Depending on what level of Sun hardware you have, the Open Boot Prom should have a tool that will let you test the hardware (test net iirc)

      I'd also be putting another physical network interface into the server, to see if the problem still occurs. In this way, you can rule out the current network interface.
      If putting a new network interface into te machine resolves your issue, then it's time to make a vendor call to sun and get the parts replaced.

      I'd also consider hunting for duplicate MAC addresses on the network (you say it happens sometimes, and from random systems) as well as duplicate IP addresses.
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