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cannot ping host names

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  • cannot ping host names

    hello guys!I am using GNS3 and virtual pcs for CCNA practice.I made a lab in which i made cisco router itself a domain controller DNS/DHCP with few pcs. PCs can get IP address automatically and all devices can ping each other with IP addresses but i cannot ping any device or host with its with IP HOST command is ok but this command is mentioned"optional" on cisco website,that's y i m trying to ping without using this command.I know we donot use cisco router as DNS server in real world and use some other server and give its IP address in cisco router with "ip name-server" command.But i m just doing it as i read it on cisco website that we can make router itself as DNS server.I cannot ping host with their names as i mentioned already that i m not using real devices and using simulator but if some one has done this in GNS3 then pls guide me.Config file is attached.
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