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    Hello All,

    New to this forum. Can't find an answer in the archives.

    Here's my situation...

    My company has an internal router but all hosting, web, email, DNS, is done externally.

    There are three domains.

    Two of the domains can be reached from within our router without problems. The third domain, however, cannot be reached from inside the company unless our router admin does something with the router. In other words, before he makes the changes, I cannot reach the website from the company, but I have no problems reaching it from home. The other two domains can be reached from inside the company or at home without any special config to the router.

    When I asked the router admin why this is, he said "It has nothing to do with router or routing table. We have to update our internal DNS because our local DNS zone called [company name], which resolves to local Domain name space."

    That sounds like gibberish to me, but I'm not the consultant.

    Can someone help me out here? Let me know what questions you have and I'll try to dig them up.

    Thanks, Rob