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Cisco Router 857 and watchguard edge x55e

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  • Cisco Router 857 and watchguard edge x55e

    Hello Guys,

    I am stuck with a very strange problem & need your help to sort out... The problem is that I have a cisco 857 router (not wireless) and My ISP provided me with 5 vaild IP address. I have just configured a Firebox Watchgurd edge x55e with one of the vaild ip address I have and on watchguard interface it says WAN is up and users can browse internet. But the problem is no body can access RWW from external networks, they can with in the internal network. I been in touch with watchguard engineers and they says they can't telnet my vaild IP address. I tried my self as well but no result i cant even ping that IP address. I have one other server connected to same router on FE1 with vaild IP address and the uses can access RWW without any problem. I cant understand why is that... WG ask me to check the ports which I have and there is no issue.

    Please guys get me out my misery I need to find out wher is the fault either on WG or I am doing something wrong on cisco.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks

    Vikram Sokhi

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    Re: Cisco Router 857 and watchguard edge x55e

    thanks, it was a usefull informations