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Find a PC on port physically - show mac address...

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  • Find a PC on port physically - show mac address...

    The scenario is, I have 4500 as a dhcp server, and a couple of C2960 that are configured with Gi0/1 uplink port to the concetrator, every port on the C2960s are configured as trunk, have the default vlan 1, and two separate VLANs for IP telephony and PCs. Workstations are connected trough lan port on the telephone, that is the main reason why all the ports on the switch are configured as trunks. What I want to find a PC that I succesfully ping and have the mac address from the local arp table. Want to find on what port is it. But when I use the show mac address table command, table is listed and sorted by VLAN order , the mac address is shown as a dynamic on the gi0/1 port as many others, some are listed on the fastethernet port mu most are on gi0/1 which is the uplink interface.
    Any help would be appreciated.