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Tcp mtu

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  • Tcp mtu

    I am building a network that has the goal of allowing anyone to turn up and plug their laptop in to get the internet.

    However I have come across a problem, because all traffic that gets routed to the internet first has to pass through a BOVPN I am getting fragmentation issues.

    For laptops I own I can just tweak the registry and set the MTU to 1400 and all is well.

    However for the "Plug and Play" laptops I can't ask ask people to set their MTU just to use my network for 2 hours. They may not have admin rights.

    What I would like to do is on the Cisco router with 16 port switch module is set the MTU so that any machine that connects sees that they can't make the first hop if there MTU is more the 1400, and have the client machine automaticaly adjust.

    Has any one done this before, is it possible or am I just talking rubbish.