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QoS over VLANs

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  • QoS over VLANs

    Hello Experts,,,Guys..

    We have Centralized network with 4 different location, each location is conected via MPLS cloud..on each site we are using 2600 /2800 routers and 3750 stacked switches.. switches with default vlans are working fine..we also have 20 to 30 IP phone users in same default VLAN...

    Now I decide to create a spreat VLAN for voice wot I need to do is access switch..Vlan database
    Vlan 2 name IP phones
    #int vlan 2
    #ip address
    #nno shut
    #int g0/0/2
    #switchport mode access
    #switch port access vlan 2
    #ip route (GW)
    I test this config on simulator which is working fine..but question is do I need to config QoS..Management also want QoS over the MPLS links...

    So I am totally confused now..I never touch QoS before..don't know wot to do..

    Some 1 help me please least advise on voice VLANs would be highly appreciated....

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