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Access Point and Vlans

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  • Access Point and Vlans

    I have an Avaya AP-6 access point that is currently connected to a Catalyst 4507 Switch.

    1. The port is configured for VLAN 5 (Data Network)
    2. Access point is not configured for VLANS and has an IP of

    I want to create VLANS on the AP to separate traffic (Employee and Guest). Here are the steps i think I need to do.

    1. Create 2 vlans on the access point VLAN 5 (Employee) and VLAN 6 (Guest).
    2. Make the port a trunk port and allow VLAN5, 6, 1(Native). Make the default VLAN 5 because the IP 172.22.28.x range belongs to VLAN 5.

    Does this look like the correct steps so far? New to Cisco Networking and appreciate any help.