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Need help configuring Cisco 3600 series router

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  • Need help configuring Cisco 3600 series router

    I am an intern for a small business that has 5 locations in my town, with 2 networks and t1 lines connecting the offices. As of now, we use cheap linksys routers in all locations and the DHCP is handled on the server for both networks. We recently purchased the cisco router and I am configuring it for the SDI network because it is the bigger network and the linksys router for the SDI network is overloading.

    Since the DHCP is handled on the server, I should only have to configure a few static routes and the 2 DNS we use.

    My problem lies with the defualt gateway, I am not sure what to use. The defualt gateway on the linksys router is but when I do ipconfig on a networked computer it says my default gateway is

    My only guess is that the gateway is local and is the WAN gateway, which would i use?
    ip route or
    ip route

    Also, I have to add a static route to connect the SDI network (the one the cisco router is for) to the MEC network. The main office said the next hop on the SDI side is and on the MEC it is so my static route to go from SDI to MEC is as follows:
    ip route

    and going from MEC to SDI:
    ip route

    My last question reguards the interfaces. The current linksys router has a WAN ip address and a local ip address, would i configure the ethernet0/0 interface to have the WAN ip address and the ethernet0/1 interface to have the local ip address?

    The SDI network currently has HDSL internet that has a modem (not sure if this makes a difference) but in 10 months we are relocating and getting business class internet.

    I am currently an intern and this is a great learning experience for me, I appreciate any help given