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NM-16A as a Terminal Server

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  • cnxduo65
    started a topic NM-16A as a Terminal Server

    NM-16A as a Terminal Server

    Am I doing something wrong????
    I have a Cisco 2611 router with a NM-16A plugged in so it can act as a terminal server. Have 2 sets of Octal cables.
    1st thing I noticed is (ports) are 0-7 and 8-15 respectively...
    2nd thing noticed is (cables) are 1-8 and 9-16 respectively...
    Dont know if that matters for anything????

    What I've done so far;
    I have already configured my loopback0 with the following;

    I am in 'global' mode and type the following;
    ip host 2620xm 2001

    Nothing works,,, meaning I cant make my connection.
    sh ip int br - shows my loopback0 is up & running
    sh hosts shows my ip - to - 2620xm name resolution...

    Clear Line isnt recognizing line 1 or any other for that matter...

    I used to use a 2511-RJ with the same configurations and it worked...
    Now the 2511 is dead,,, it stopped working and is with other routers & switches in networking heaven...

    Am I doing something wrong???

    Any help would be great
    Thanks in advance.

    CCNA in the making

  • Maxo
    Re: NM-16A as a Terminal Server

    Try ports 2066 - 2097

    In cisco 2811 with NM-16A:
    0-7 2066-2073
    8-15 2074-2081
    16-23 2082-2089
    24-31 2090-2097

    Try telnet 2001

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  • tehcamel
    Re: NM-16A as a Terminal Server

    cisco usually start their port identifiers within the software at 0, so on my switch for instance, it's a 12 port Cat 3500, ports on the outside are labeled 1,2,3,4...12
    but within the ios, I reference them as fa0,fa1,fa2,...fa11

    does that help you on your track at all ?

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