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CCM 6.1 IP change...

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  • CCM 6.1 IP change...

    Weird subject from what I am gathering amongst friends... anyways..

    CCM 6.1

    Original IP was:

    Changed IP address to in the CCM Administration.
    Then went to the server side CLI and changed the IP to

    Reset the server and obviously changed my IP settings on my laptop.

    Now.. I can gain access to the CCM OS Administration with the original logon and password, but CAN NOT access the CCM Administration. Actually, I can not get into anything other than the OS Administration. CLI is also accessible.

    With this said, I can only change the IP address back to in the OS Administration or CLI. After changing it back there, I can still not access the system, CCM Administration.

    I am bringing this up knowing someone has crossed this path and knows of a back end way to fix this problem. Steps were followed in the IP address change, and have heard of ONE horror story where someone said if you do the two different IP changes (as instructed) TOO quickly, it can throw the server into a loop. The fix stated to just change the IP address in the OS Administation back, and all should be good. Well... Im still stuck and hope someone can help me out with some good thoughts.

    Can not REFORMAT and reload (obviously if possible).. client needs their same setup. So we are doing what we can to keep from having to take those long steps.

    All help is appreciated guys/gals !!!!