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    Is there a Cisco command to show who was the last person to login to a switch or router?

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    Re: Last Login

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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      Re: Last Login

      Doesn't really seem necessary to bump the thread, particularly as it's not even been very long since you posted the question. If somebody has something to contribute then they will do, when they get round to it - nobody is being paid to answer questions here.
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        Re: Last Login

        this is something that TACACS would usually do...either that, or having your AAA methods setup appropriately to record all access. (This is somethng I never got around to fully doing.. i wanted to see who vpn'd when)

        What did you need to know the last login for ?

        aaa logging is probably what you need.. must be in your config already, so if you're hunting something that happened recently it won't help if it's not there.

        you can usually see who has made a configu change however -
        show run will show your running config and whoever changed it last:
        XXXXXX#sh run
        Building configuration...

        Current configuration : 10300 bytes
        ! No configuration change since last restart
        version 12.4
        if i had made a change recently, it would say "last change by MyName" or something lik that
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          Re: Last Login

          SH USER

          Is the command in router in privlegle mode .Which can tell the user name and user IP .



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            Re: Last Login

            "show user" will only detail the current users logged into the device, it will not show any previous user activity.

            Tehcamel is correct, if logging is not configured then "show run" is your best bet.
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