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connecting switch to a router

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  • connecting switch to a router

    I have a linksys router thats connceted with a highspeed fibre optic line. The router has only 4 ports so I hooked up a linksys switch with 48 ports. The switch has been configured to use routers IP as the gateway. I have around 15 PCs connected to the switch and a lot of trouble. Some computers gets conncetion, others don't, sometime its so random. Is it because of the setup? Same subnet in the switch and the router, DHCP on both?!!! The router has static IP from the ISP.

    How do I do it? The sole purpose of hooking up the switch is to increase the no of ports. Please help me out.
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    Re: connecting switch to a router

    The switch doesn't need to have a default gateway as it doesn't need to connect to the router or the internet the way a computer does. The switch is, for the most part, a passive device that is just a connection point between the computers and the routers. If the switch and the router are both set up as DHCP servers, disable one of them. Make sure whichever one you do use as the DHCP server is configured to give the computers the correct ip address, subnet mask, DNS server, and router settings.


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      Re: connecting switch to a router

      Hi joe,
      I want to use the DHCP from the router only. How do I set the the switch to not do anything but act as a passive device?


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        Re: connecting switch to a router

        The documentation for your switch will be most informative...

        Since we have no idea what model you're using, we can't tell you any more than that.
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          Re: connecting switch to a router

          The switch is Linksys SRW248G4 and the router is Linksys WRVS4400Nv2.

          Also, what kind of cable do I use to connect the switch to the router? Straight Thru or Cross Over. Atlease 4 ports on the switch are capable of cable type detection though.
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            Re: connecting switch to a router

            Disabling DHCP on the switch should be easy, it'll be in the manual.

            In theory you can use either cable, but 99% of the cables out there are direct. You only normally need crossover to connect two computers without using a switch.