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cisco's Security Device manager

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  • cisco's Security Device manager

    I am trying to configure my router via SDM. I am however unable to access the router. I cleared the vty lines, i can ping the router and the IOS version of my cisco router is 12.3(2)XE which i think supports SDM. Any idea what could be causing the problem?


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    Re: cisco's Security Device manager

    Have you got the SDM files installed on the router? If you do a show flash then the output should show the minimum SDM files of:

    ■ sdmconfig-router_platform.cfg
    ■ sdm.tar
    ■ es.tar
    ■ common.tar
    ■ home.shtml
    ■ home.tar

    You will also need the following config lines in order to access it:

    Router(config)# ip http server
    Router(config)# ip http secure-server
    Router(config)# ip http authentication local
    Router(config)# username <username> privelage 15 secret 0 <password>
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      Re: cisco's Security Device manager

      I installed the SDM on my PC and not the router cause my router does not have enough memory so i would not see that output in flash.

      I'm going to redo the privilege access that you mentioned to see if i did anything wrong.


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        Re: cisco's Security Device manager

        You need to install SDM on the router itself.
        If you don't have enough flash you might consider to extend it.
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