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What Architecture and which Cisco switch is really needed

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  • What Architecture and which Cisco switch is really needed

    Have a 100+ user network using Exchange, Web - intranet and internet, FTP servers, IP cameras, MRP system etc running on 7 Dell servers, ISA 2004 for firewall and Internet access currently using a Cisco 3500 XL 10-100 switch to connect the servers via the 3500XL fiber uplink to the rest of the multiple building switches - also 3500XLs. What is the speed of the fiber connections between the 3500XLs? There is one 3500 series switch that has 8 pairs of fiber connections. The current server switch plugs into this and all of the remote switches plug into it also.
    I want to enable NIC teaming on all of the servers. My questions are:
    1) Do I want two separate 8 channel gigabit switches and run 1 NIC from each server on each switch so if one fails I still maintain connectivity? Or just one 16 port switch?
    2) What switch(s) should I purchase for this purpose. The site currently is all on one VLAN and I plan on doing some departmental segregation and adding a management VLAN etc.
    On the cheap side there is the Cisco/Linksys SRW2016 going up a lot is the Cisco 2960 etc. Just not sure what is really needed. Do I want to move to 10 gig fiber uplinks etc then this first set of new switches will define the new backbone.