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Conference option on Catalyst 3600 series

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  • Conference option on Catalyst 3600 series

    Hey all,

    I have a problem with my Cisco VOIP config that I'm hoping for some help with.

    Basically the call conferencing in my office stopped working the other day and I've narrowed it down to the below output.

    As you can see it shows conferencing state down and gives a cause code of DSPFARM = Down, however as far as I can see the DSPFARM is up.

    If there are any more logs I can provide please let me know and I will post them too.

    DSPFARM Configuration Information:
    Admin State: UP, Oper Status: ACTIVE - Cause code: NONE
    Transcoding Sessions: 6(Avail: 6), Conferencing Sessions: 0 (Avail: 0)
    Trans sessions for mixed-mode conf: 0 (Avail: 0), RTP Timeout: 8000
    Connection check interval 8000 Codec G729 VAD: ENABLED
    router#show sccp
    SCCP Admin State: UP
    Gateway IP Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Switchover Method: IMMEDIATE, Switchback Method: GUARD_TIMER
    Switchback Guard Timer: 1200 sec, IP Precedence: 5
    Max Supported MTP sessions: 0
    User Masked Codec list: None
    Transcoding Oper State: ACTIVE - Cause Code: NONE
    Active Call Manager:, Port Number: 2000
    TCP Link Status: CONNECTED
    Conferencing Oper State: DOWN - Cause Code: DSPFARM_DOWN
    Active Call Manager: NONE
    TCP Link Status: NOT_CONNECTED
    Call Manager: xx.xx.xx.xx, Port Number: 2000
    Priority: 1, Version: 3.1 or Higher

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    Re: Conference option on Catalyst 3600 series

    It looks like the DSP Farm Registration is sucessfull but try looking at this link anyway:

    Have you tried "test dsp device 0 <dsp number> reset" ?
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