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access modem through router

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  • access modem through router


    I wanted to ask if it's possible to access my modem webpage
    through the router by adding a static route..?

    the modem is connected to fa4 and fa0-fa3 are all in vlan1...

    thank you in advance!

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    Re: access modem through router

    i assigned an ip address to fa4 and now i'm able to telnet my
    modem from the router cli.

    my router is on
    and my modem is connected to fa4 and has ip
    fa4 has an ip

    is it possible to reach the modem configuration page from the lan pc?


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      Re: access modem through router

      I'm guessing from the explanation that you are using an ADSL router but actually have a Cable broadband connection, hence the requirement for a modem..

      The problem will be that the modem has no knowledge of your 192 subnet sitting behind the router. Unless your modem has the capability of adding static routes then you will not be able to access it from your LAN. The router should have a default route configured pointing to fa-4 so that will be OK. You would need to add a static in the modem pointing to

      You mentioned that fa0-fa3 are within VLAN1 but what VLAN is fa-04 in? You might have to bridge the VLANs together, what router are you using?

      You could always just configure all ports within default VLAN1 and let layer 2 do all the work. Your hosts will then request a DHCP address which would be provided by the modem within the range. The 192 range would then not be required.
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        Re: access modem through router

        I added a static route in the modem pointing to and now everything is working..thank you for your help!