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OSPF Link Cost

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  • OSPF Link Cost

    Hey all quick question

    If you configure ospf link cost on a specific interface, do you also have to configure the same link cost on the other end of the link for the link cost command to work properly?

    Also, is this command only locally significant or do all the routers in the area see the updated cost of the interface?

    I am working on a lab example right now and I have three routers going into a switch.

    If I change the cost of the interface of one of the routers going into the switch (say R2), in its router table it reflects the change on all routes coming in from that interface.

    However other routers do not reflect the change in their routing tables on routes coming from the router with the adjusted cost, see diagram

    In my routing tables, R1 and R3 show the advertised loopbacks (including the one from R2) as having a cost of 2. R2 however show the advertised loopbacks as having a cost of 51.

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