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  • Cisco 4400 WLC

    Can someone please tell me how I can do a batch upload of mac addresses to a Cisco WLC 4400 series, so that they can be added to the "mac filter" for our Private WLAN, since authentication has been just setup on it. I know we can do it one by one by going into the mac filter option under Security but I am talking about like 100 machines. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Cisco 4400 WLC .shtml

    There's the basics of adding Mac Addresses to a WLC from both GUI and CLI.

    Depending on what telnet client you use, you could possibly write out all of the necessary commands in notepad, then paste them into the telnet session.

    It would be something like:

    config macfilter add 00:E0:77:31:A3:55
    config macfilter add 00:E0:77:31:A3:56
    config macfilter add 00:E0:77:31:A3:57

    Of Course, you would want to make sure that you apply all the necessary switches.

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      Re: Cisco 4400 WLC

      thanks boondock. sorry about the late reply. Yes I knew about both the GUI & CLI commands to do this but just was not sure on how to do for a bunch of mac addresses. Added to that, I just totally forgot or you could say "ignored" our powerful "excel" tool and how it helps us in situations like these