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871W Multi-VLAN. What IOS

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  • 871W Multi-VLAN. What IOS

    I have an 871w running (870-ADVSECURITYK9-M) version 12.4(15)T5.

    I can't seem to configure separate VLAN's. That is VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. When I try to add vlan 20 like this:

    router(vlan)#vlan 20 name Guest-LAN
    Vlan can not be added. Maximum number of 2 vlan(s) in the database.


    Is this the wrong IOS for multiple VLAN's? If so, what IOS is the correct version to configure multi-VLAN's. Are there any problems switching from one IOS version to another?

    Thanks, Rob

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    Re: 871W Multi-VLAN. What IOS

    VLAN 1 is always the default and exists on every router switch Cisco makes as far as I know. Just use VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 instead and you should be ok. As long as you really only want 2. You can also perform a "vlan data show" to see all currently configured VLANs.


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      Re: 871W Multi-VLAN. What IOS

      Here is a piece of knowledge some people don't know about the 870 series of routers.

      The standard IOS image only supports one extra VLAN on top of VLAN1. If you wish to use more than one extra VLAN you need to upgrade your router to the Advanced IP Services IOS image.