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  • basic eigrp /hsrp

    Hi all!

    we currently have eigrp running on our site but when one link goes down, routers would not recognize the link is down.

    does anyone have a setup with the following;

    ROUTER --CSWitch--Router=site 1
    ROUTER --CSWitch--Router=site 2
    ROUTER --CSWitch--Router=site 3

    all devices are running EIGRP.
    for site 1, eigrp is running on 2 routers and 1 switch... same goes for the other 2.

    is hsrp a good option here? site 1 will have 1 hsrp and so will site 2 and 3?

    any info is much appreciated.
    does anyone have a good basic config for eigrp to run in all devices in all 3 sites?

    thanks !

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    Re: basic eigrp /hsrp

    You can use HSRP and EIGRP. Just make sure that on your routers at both sites are configured to track the interface that is on the wan side in your HSPR setup. This will help your network converge quickly. If you need more info please provide a detailed diagram and we can go from there.