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VLAN equipment for small network

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  • VLAN equipment for small network

    First the quick and dirty questions:

    Is there an affordable way to do inter vlan routing on a small network (probably less than 20 active devices)? Should I use a L3 Switch or a Router and exactly what models would you recommend?

    Back story:

    I've been tasked with setting up a network for a small government office that will include an area with public internet access. I have worked with previously implemented vlans some but never set one up myself. I think I have a fairly good grasp of the concept but need some help with equipment choices.

    There are about 60 wire runs all together so the network is small and it is hard to justify expensive equipment. I plan on having just 3 vlans to start off with:

    Management - 10
    Admin - 50
    Public - 70

    I would like the vlans to be able to communicate with each other for printers and maybe other things in the future. All the layer 3 switches I've seen tend to be expensive. I was thinking I could just use a router but what type of things would I need to keep in mind when choosing one? Thanks for any help

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    Re: VLAN equipment for small network

    You can use a L3 Switch with 24 ports as a core switch. For the rest of ethernet ports you can use cheap L2 switches.
    To route between more VLANs the above solution is most viable. The router solution doesn't scale well for more VLANs (in this type of solution, you may choose between this two : for every VLAN you need a different ethernet port on router or, the second one, the link between router and switch need to be set as trunk - all the vlans are share the ethernet bandwidth, switch can't be very cheap because it need to "know" dot1q or ISL). If Cisco Catalist are to expensive, you may take a look at others manufacturers : Nortel, 3Com, Linksys and so on


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      Re: VLAN equipment for small network

      Thanks for the suggestions. Think I am going with catalyst express 500 for the access switches. I am having trouble finding a L3 switch that doesnt cost an arm and a leg though. Any suggestions?