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QoS over MPLS cloud

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  • QoS over MPLS cloud

    I'm in the following situation :

    3 Nodes linked together (one Node have 2 E3 connections to other two backbone routers). On every Node are connected 2 branches. The routers from branches are connected to Nodes via a MLPPP formed by 3 E1 connections(approx. 6Mbps per multilink)
    The MPLS cloud is formed by all routers : the branches router act like insertion/removal labels and backbone routers act like LSR (Label Switch Router).
    The access for customers is made at branch router using fastethernet ports : every access port is defined as a VPN.
    In every branch we have some loss/jitter sensitive traffic (voice and video). For this kind of traffic we want to do some prioritization using QoS : if the traffic is less then 1Mbps per branch then packets will be classified as High Priority.
    First thing that came into my mind was : class-based weighted fair queueing (CBWFQ) but finally realized that traffic will travel into the backbone like labels not like ip packets.
    What I'm thinking : to classify the traffic at ingress router, lets say by incoming access port, to mark them using IpPrec or DSCP bits from ToS IP field and then to link (or even copy) somehow those bits to EXP bits from MPLS packets an then to make QoS rules based on EXP bits.
    It is possible to do this? If the answer is "yes" how can I solve the issue?
    If there is something unclear please let me know.

    PS : please be gentle : I'm somehow rookie in this kind of problems.
    Thanks in advance for you time

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    Re: QoS over MPLS cloud

    No one didn't solve this kind of situation?