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BGP advertisements

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  • BGP advertisements

    Hi, I could do with some advice on a problem which I am trying to overcome, advertising learnt OSPF routes and advertise them out of BGP with costs put on by OSPF. There are many routes, so I will concentrate on just one.

    The details are, I have 2 routers receiving the learnt route from OSPF running from their LANs. The route has a metric on rtr 1 of 5000, and 10000 on rtr 2.

    The object is to have the route advertised out of BGP so that rtr 1 is always the gateway for all packets destined for the route in question, unless it fails.

    For example;
    rtr 1 BGP neighbour /32, learnt route /24 via OSPF with cost 5000

    rtr 2 BGP neighbour /32, learnt route /24 via OSPF with cost 10000

    trace is via router 1

    but when I add /24 into BGP process on both routers, the traces swap to rtr 2, as rtr 2 is favoured as a gateway. (probably because of the lower IP address neighbour)

    The end users want rtr 1 to remain as a primary gateway, but still be advertised out of BGP if rtr 1 was to fail.

    There are other factors such as a route map already advertised out of BGP with other networks not involved in this scenario.

    Appreciate any ideas.

    Regards Chris