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NAT & SSH practice in Dynagen

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  • NAT & SSH practice in Dynagen

    hi buddies,i am preparing for CCNP exams and using Dynagen for practice.I have laptop and DSL connection.I have installed Dynagen/Dynamips in my laptop having MS Windows Vista.I want to know if there is any way that i can practice the questions or senarios where internet is involved i.e. SSH,NAT etc.Also i need to know that can we put & work with latest Cisco IOS images like 12.4T in dynage or it will work only the images it has already in it.I have dynagen 0.11.0 with Cisco IOS 7200 and 3620 routers images.Also there is no IOS image of cisco switch in dynagen so how to do practice of switching paper. thanku
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