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  • Cisco 851 configuration


    I have small network with few PC's. WAN interface is configured, other interfaces are VLAN1 and everything works fine. Now I want to add another network to enable my PC's to reach the server who is on that another network. How can I do this? Do I need another router or I can configure this one and how?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Cisco 851 configuration

    Do you mean that your server is available over the WAN interface? If, you just need to add in a static route to the server/ server network, and tell your PCs about it by adding a route or using the default.

    If not, and you mean that the server is available on another network, available on the 'inside', then you might (might) be able to create another vlan interface on the router and then set one or two of the router's ports as access ports for that vlan. Ie:

    Interface VLAN1=, and ports 0 and 1 are access ports for vlan1
    Interface VLAN10=, and ports 2 and 3 are access ports for vlan20

    It all depends on what the router supports- some of the low end 800's wont let you.

    Or- using the example vlans and IPs above- can you set one of the ports up as a trunk for vlans 1 and 10, define the 2 vlan interfaces, then connect a managed switch to it with the same trunk and access vlans? This would sort of turn your router and switch into the classic 'router on a stick' beloved of Cisco.

    What kind of router, card and IOS is it? A diagram, even a rough one, might also help...

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      Re: Cisco 851 configuration

      Dear Genkidesu,

      Thank you for your reply. Here is some more information.

      Cisco Router 851
      4-port 10-/100-Mbps (LAN)
      1-port 10-/100-Mbps (WAN interface)

      All 4-port on the router are in default VLAN1.
      DHCP is enabled (network

      Second network is
      I wish that hosts from my network can communicate with hosts from another network.
      I have two fixed ip addresses for that network ( & .

      I tried to connect another router which I configured that WAN interface is DCHP address from the router,
      and LAN is I can ping hosts from network to but I canít ping hosts from to I configured static route on 851 and also tried a default route but nothingís changed. Still doesnít working.

      Any idea?

      Thanks in advance.


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        Re: Cisco 851 configuration

        Can you please post the configs from both routers?