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Cisco 4503 Swith port not responding

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  • Cisco 4503 Swith port not responding


    I'm running cisco 4503 switch as a core in my network. Gigabitethernet 1/7 is not responding with any device. like nomadix gateway, cicso switch and laptop.

    I tried shutdown the port and no shut.

    You can advice me to solve this issue and reason of this issue.

    I think Switch port not function problem is very rare.

    1. Input Errors and CRC Errors identified on Core Switch port 7.

    2. Since it is GIBIC port we connected to GIBIC interface, (Core Switch port 7 to standby switch GIBIC port) with cat6 media.

    3. Speed changed applied on port 7 for connecting to fastethernet100 port (Core Switch port 7 to Laptop)

    4. Counters cleared in Core Switch port 7.

    5. I took debug results of this particular port 7. i'm attaching here.

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