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bandwidth management by cisco router/switch

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  • bandwidth management by cisco router/switch


    I am a newbies in this forum and as well as cisco IOS.

    We are running a small company & have 10 Mbps bandwidth. We have plan to make it 100 Mbps. After that

    1) we want to divide the overall bandwidth or distribute the
    bandwidth/ traffic like as 10 Mb, 30 Mb & 5 Mb according to
    priority or functions basis.

    2) Again Is it possible to edit this traffic control or change this
    bandwidth management several times .

    My knowledge says that might be we can do that by configuring QOS in cisco router and manage that as well as configuring ACL ----------------------. Is it right? Any details idea in that case will be highly appreciated.

    Once again that will be greatful if anyone refer to me any cisco document or article abt the bandwidth management.

    Thank you very much indeed.