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Multiple Public IPs on a Cisco Router

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  • Multiple Public IPs on a Cisco Router

    Hello All,
    I have a cable ISP which has allocated 5 public IPs to me. They have supplied a locked down Cisco 851. It has 1 "WAN" port and 4 "LAN" ports. I have absolutely no access to the Cisco 851 in IOS. I have a Cisco 3662 router running IOS 12.4 with currently on 2 interfaces, fa0/0 and fa0/1. I currently have the 3662 setup with a public IP assigned to fa0/1 and a private IP assigned to fa0/0.

    Since there are only 4 "LAN" ports on the Cisco 851, and I've been assigned 5 IPs, I've got to assume that there is a way to run multiple public IPs over one interface. I just don't know how. I would like to run if possible 3 Public IPs over fa0/1 and 3 private IPs over fa0/0. I've looked into the "secondary" part of IP Addressing on the cisco, but am still a little unsure as to how to use it. Any help or information, or instructions on how this could be accomplished is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Multiple Public IPs on a Cisco Router

    This should help you