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Diagnosing a malfunctioning 2511

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  • Diagnosing a malfunctioning 2511

    as I'm building my Cisco homelab, among other 25xx routers I got
    a very cheap 2511 to use as access server. The item was sold as malfunctioning.

    The problem this router has is that when booting from flash, the last line shown in console is
    Image text-base: 0x0301D76C, data-base: 0x00001000

    After that, it apparently hangs as it never completes the initialization and get to the prompt. However:
    - If I set the router to start from the RXBOOT, I can get to the IOS prompt (so I think CPU, RAM and most of the H/W should be working)
    - From RXBOOT I can tftp to/from flash (so I would assume flash is also working)

    I can provide more details on amount of RAM, flash, f/w versions, etc. if needed, but before to make such long post, can anybody help me understand what can possibly go wrong here? Do you think that it's likely faulty h/w or somehow it's related with IOS version and amount of resources?