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ASA5520, Comunication between NATed and not NATed interfaces

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  • ASA5520, Comunication between NATed and not NATed interfaces


    I have an ASA5520 wich holds about 100 interfaces with different VLANs and distributes internet to different offices in a building.

    Most of these have 4 IP-addresses, one as my interface and one for the costumer who have their own routers for NATing their networks, and the other for broadcast and network.

    Some of the interfaces ar NATed and firewalled in the ASA so the office just need a switch on their end(s).

    The problem is the comunications between these interfaces, from the intefaces with just Legal IPs to the NATed interface everything works to the open ports. Everything also works perfectly well between the different NATed interfaces. But I cant get the NATed interfaces to communicate with the interfaces with Legal IPs.

    What havn't I configured not just make the NATed interfaces able to communicate with the Not NATed interfaces, just everyting on the outside?

    btw. I am using ASDM, so would appreciate if you have that in mind when you try to help me solve this issue.