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Private vlan configuration

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  • Private vlan configuration

    I need a configuration support on private vlans ( Per guest Vlan ) with cisco 3560 switch, cisco ce500 switch and cisco 1131 ag wireless ap for my newcoming hotel site.

    following are the connectivity

    1841ROUTER-->ASA5510-->3560 CORE SWITCH 2 NOS -->CE500 8 NOS-->1131 AP 50 NOS.

    ITS A 7 STOREY HOTEL AND they need a secures private vlan ( per user vlan ) with internet browsing for guest.

    kindly help me out for the same

    thanx in advance

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    Re: Private vlan configuration

    I think you will need :
    1. on AP/APs you need to define 2 different SSID (for example Guest and Private)
    2. SSID (WLAN) clients will be placed on two separate vlans (for example GuestVLAN and PrivateVLAN)
    3. transport those two vlans to the switch (define the link between the switch and AP as a trunk)
    4. you can use the 3560 switch as a layer 3 device to route between this two vlans and internet gateway; just put some access list on this vlans for deny traffic between PrivateVLAN and GuestVLAN