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Connecting two 2960G Switches

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  • Connecting two 2960G Switches

    I've been searching through the forums here and I haven't seen this so I'm hoping to get some guidance. Up front, I'm new to Cisco gear and I've run into a problem that I cannot seem to find an answer to.

    Switch A has VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 and I want to connect Switch B to VLAN 2 using fibre. The 2 switches are able to see each other in trunk mode but eventually Switch B disables its port with BPDU errors. If I run switchport mode access they talk ok but do not pass traffic. What am I missing? Both units are Catalyst 2960G.

    My apologies if my wording here is not quite correct, once again this is new territory for me and I'm hoping to learn the right way to do things.


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    Re: Connecting two 2960G Switches

    Hi Dear i think your picture is not clear .Let me correct you .

    You have two 2950 switch and you want to connect both switch so that VLAN 1,2 in both switch can talk to each other .

    If this is the condition then here is the solution .

    1) both switch should have vlan database of vlan 1 vlan 2 .
    2)choose on gig port from each switch and connect fiber and see if they are coming UP or not .do the config of gig port as trunk .

    int gii0/1
    switchport mode trunk

    Note-2950 support only dot1q encap donot use ISL.

    3) Allow both VLAN on both switch .

    see this will surley work



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      Re: Connecting two 2960G Switches

      ops i missed it .

      To communicate between two vlan on difrrent L2 switch you require L3 device.

      Without L3 device its not possible that vlan can communicate with each other on diffrent switches.