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Help with Cisco 1800 startup

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  • Help with Cisco 1800 startup

    My customer bought a Cisco 1800 so I thought I would preconfigure it. I plugged my notebook into it and ran the SDM from the CD.

    The configuration went well and I changed the IP from to When I was finished, I was not able to connect to the router using the CLI and the LAN connection, even after changing the NIC settings on my laptop. I decided to do a factory reset.

    I connected the console and ran Hyperterminal. I issued a 'write erase' and then a 'reload'. I cancelled the initial configuration dialog.

    The problem is that I cannot run the SDM. DHCP is no longer enabled. When I do a 'show configuration' it returns 'startup configuration is not present'.

    I would really like to get this back to the state it was when it came out of the box. All help is appreciated.
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