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Missing 3com switches

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  • Missing 3com switches

    Hi all

    I look after a small school network. We have a CISCO router and we run 3com 4400 switches under it. I'm tended to leave and forget them as I always have plenty to do. I have noticed that I can not longer connect to the switches via the web interface (using ip addresses) and when I do a search with the 3com Admin software they don't show up. I did have 3 stacked which didn't show up and so I have separated them in the hope I could find them - but no luck. I am really confused and have been trying to find a solution by searching the internet for days.
    I have a few swithces the same on other sections of the network that I can still access. The missing ones are in the main cabinet and I really need to change some settings on them.
    Any ideas.


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    Re: Missing 3com switches

    So data is still flowing through them to the nodes that are connected to them? Have you tried simply rebooting them (with a reboot button or else you might have to yank the cable)? You could also reset them to factory defaults. If you did that, I hope you had their config files backed up beforehand... unless you want to reconfigure them from scratch.
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      Re: Missing 3com switches

      The data is still going through them and I have rebooted them. Do you think that they have lost all the management data including their IP addresses. How would I reset them to factory default. If I can access them again it will be a pleasure to reconfigure them.


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        Re: Missing 3com switches

        Why not go to and get the product manual to find out how to reset them? It does sound like they've lost their management ip address for some reason and resetting them should allow you to reconfigure them. Be cautious though as resetting them will wipe out any VLAN, STP, etc., etc. settings and could have an impact on your network communications. I'm betting that you can use a serial cable to make a console port connection to them and check and correct the configs.