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"Special" one to one NAT

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  • "Special" one to one NAT

    Hi everyone,

    I need to do something which I know it is possible but cant get my keywords right in google to find out about it!

    It is a one to one NAT which keeps the host address as it is between two different subnets of the same length. Something "Statically dynamic".

    For example lets take a 24 bit subnets for simplicity.

    I would like to nat that way. (both subnets are 24 bit in length) NAT to NAT to NAT to NAT to
    and so on ...

    I dont mind that a solution is given for a router or firewall but preffered for a cisco device , but please reply if you have done with another vendor.

    Another thing is, how is it called? is there a name for this sort of NATing?

    Thank you,


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    Re: "Special" one to one NAT

    are you reffering to the "ip nat inside source static network" command?
    that's with a Cisco router.


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      Re: "Special" one to one NAT

      Thanks for your reply

      idos, indeed this is the static NAT command for IOS.

      But what I am looking here is not necessarioy the "the command" but how what i have discribed is done.

      This comand creates a static NAT entry, so in my example for a 24bit subnet i would need 254 NAT entries!

      Thank you anyway,



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        Re: "Special" one to one NAT

        Are you possibly referring to configuring a "nat pool"?

        If so, see the following link: NAT POOL

        Based on your post, the "Access List Approach" probably meets your requirements. If you need more granularity, then take a look at using the "Route Map Approach".


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          Re: "Special" one to one NAT

          I think you'll need to create every static NAT entry that you need. I don't think there's any way of creating a NAT pool that says "NAT the outside x.x.x.1 address to the inside x.x.x.1 address, and so on and so on". Which is what I think you're trying to explain in your post, correct?


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            Re: "Special" one to one NAT

            Thanks joeqwerty,

            That is what i am trying to do, and i am sure it can be done "dynamic" as I have seen this been done before.