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  • Cisco 1601/801 + X.25

    Hi guys,

    I need to know if my conf is ok.
    I want my Cisco 801 to accept an X.25 call from an ISDN Operator and forward it on XOT.
    The router is configured as the DCE.
    I've got 2 Cisco router (1601 and 801) and 2 ISDN lines (BRI). The 1601 is configured to use X.25 over D-Channel (via an X.25 Operator) and X.25 over B-Channel and the second (801) is only configured for X.25 over B-Channel.
    When the 1601 calls the 801 from B-Channel to B-Channel (direct) all works fine (the call is accepted and forwarded on XOT).
    My problem comes when the 1601 calls 801 from D-Channel to B-Channel (via the X.25 Operator).
    I made an other test between my Cisco 1601 and a Bintec R1200 router and all works fine.
    I show you the 801 log:

    SDN BR0 Q931: RX <- CONNECT_ACK pd = 8 callref = 0x3A
    Dialer255: LAPB T1 SABMSENT 420554 0
    Dialer255: LAPB O SABMSENT (2) SABM P
    Dialer255: LAPB I SABMSENT (2) UA F
    Dialer255: LAPB I CONNECT (7) IFRAME 0 0
    Dialer255: X.25 I R/Inactive Restart (5) 8 lci 0
    Cause 7, Diag 0 (Network operational/No additional information)
    X.25 Restart packet, Improper cause code from DTE
    Dialer255: X.25 O R/Inactive Restart (5) 8 lci 0
    Cause 1, Diag 81 (Local procedure error/Improper cause code from DTE)
    Dialer255: LAPB O CONNECT (7) IFRAME 0 1
    Dialer255: LAPB I CONNECT (16) IFRAME 1 1
    Dialer255: X.25 I R3 Call (14) 8 lci 1
    From (11): 0123456789 To (0):
    Facilities: (2)
    Throughputs: 9600 9600
    Call User Data (1): 0x09 (unknown)
    Dialer255: LAPB O CONNECT (2) RR (R) 2
    ISDN BR0 EVENT: UserIdle: callid 0x5FA received ISDN_HANGUP (0x1)

    I think my Dialer is waiting for "Restart Confirm" and just clearing all other packets but I'm not sure.
    I tried a lot of timers values (layer 2 and 3) but nothing helps.
    I know my X.25 operator ALWAYS sends the "Restart" packet, and then is it possible to configure my router in a "waiting for restart mode" or something like that?

    Can someone give me some help on this?