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catalyst 5000 reset

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  • catalyst 5000 reset


    I have a second hand catalyst 5000 and i need to reset the password and configuration which i have done many times on other switches and routers but i am having problems with this one.

    I'm connecting into the console port with a db25 to rj45 converter and then plug in the normal cisco rj45 to serial into my laptop.

    using tera term I'm getting the below after boot up

    BOOTROM Version 3.1(2), Dated Feb 19 1998 11:05:50
    BOOT date: 03/13/09 BOOT time: 21:00:35
    Uncompressing NMP image. Using zlib uncompression method
    NMP image is successfully uncompressed in DRAM
    Downloading epld sram device please wait ...
    Programming successful for Altera 10K10 SRAM EPLD
    Updating epld flash version from 0000 to 0600

    Cisco Systems Console


    IRLKDS02 - Cisco 5000

    Access to this device is granted to authorized Prudential
    personnel ONLY - any unauthorized access is strictly prohibited

    2009 Mar 13 21:01:53 GMT +00:00 %SYS-5-MOD_OK:Module 1 is online
    2009 Mar 13 21:02:08 GMT +00:00 %SYS-5-MOD_OK:Module 3 is online
    2009 Mar 13 21:02:10 GMT +00:00 %SYS-5-MOD_OK:Module 4 is online
    2009 Mar 13 21:02:12 GMT +00:00 %SYS-5-MOD_OK:Module 5 is online

    my problem is that i can not enter anything, I press enter and nothing happens. rebooting and trying a break results in no change?

    can some one please point out what im doing wrong?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: catalyst 5000 reset

    I'm sure you have but maybe try another program? Putty etc?

    You connecting at 9600?

    Not something like a saved connection setting for another switch/router etc?

    I realise the above are just generic things though..

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