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Cisco Load Balancing

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  • Cisco Load Balancing

    An issue that has been arising lately is that around 2am once a week Web Crawlers hit our site and cause the front end webservers to reach 80-100% load while they are adding and removing items from the shopping cart.

    We have a Cisco CSS 11500 Load Balancer and were curious if the following configuration is possible.

    Our setup is as follows:

    Datacenter Uplink -> Cisco CSS 11500 -> 6 front end webservers.

    The functionality we are looking to acquire is redirecting Crawlers (google, yahoo, pricegrabber etc) to a specific webserver. I am unsure of where you would set this type of filtering up in Load Balancer tho. The whitepaper and manual mention 5 specific types of Policy Load Balancing which sounds like the proper method but I cannot find a good writeup or enough information on the subject to achieve this specific forwarding.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.