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Specific Static Route Disappears and Reappears

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  • Specific Static Route Disappears and Reappears

    This is a strange problem that I still don't have an answer for. My cisco 2651 has some static routes created. Some of these static routes are used to route traffic for my wireless network. Problem is that one static route used for routing a specific remote WLAN disappears and re-appears on the routing table. When route disappears, it does not show when i run "sh ip route" but i can see it when i run "sh run". And when it disappears, this specific WLAN cannot get to the internet. It does this for few days, then static route will reappear again then everything is fine until it disappears again in few days.

    This happens to the same static route and not others. I have another remote WLAN at another location that does not have this problem.

    This is really strange. Anyone seen this before? Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Specific Static Route Disappears and Reappears

    Hi obs,

    From memory static routes disappear when the interface state changes to down on the 2600 series. Have you tried checking that this isn't a problem with the WAPs connection with the router rather than a problem with the routing itself?



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      Re: Specific Static Route Disappears and Reappears

      this may be physical layer issue -Check the interface if u r getting CRC on it or not

      Data link layer-It might be layer 2 issue

      The best thinng is put the ping of both side and check if ur a getting drops or not