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Cisco 3560

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  • Cisco 3560

    Hello to every one.

    i have some questions about cisco switch 3560. First i would like to describe the structure.

    2 switches Cisco 3560.

    On port 1 and 2 on both switch there is etherchannels and are connected to each other

    ports 5-10 are on both switch are conected to servers blade machine. and there is etherchaneles to server.

    ether chanel are configured as layer 2
    There are only one VLAN

    port 3 are conected to ISA


    1. ping from server a to server B there is let say 99% echo replay OK. some time there is time out.
    2. ping from my pc to external ip first time out than echo ok
    3. ping from switch to external ip about 80% sucess
    4. ping to switch vlan ip there is echo from <1ms to 7 ms
    5. ping to server from pc there is <1ms

    on all port I have already desable security because of flaping mac's.

    Can somone help me with this one?

    Last edited by kocarb; 24th February 2009, 12:57.