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Cisco 500 Express and Fiber Optics

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  • Cisco 500 Express and Fiber Optics

    I have a few sites now with old fiber optic terminations, SC connectors to SC on a 3Com switch, and I would like to upgrade to Cisco 500 Express with GBIC modules for the fiber.

    I have bought two Cisco 500 Express with the module for SX fiber, the patch cable is a SC to LC cable. The problem I have is that the Cisco does not link the two switches over the fiber, but if I use a Dlink switch with ST module the link works from Dlink to Dlink.

    I am sure I have the right GBIC module for the Cisco 500 but I am unsure with fiber as to if you can have SC to LC or if I need to have the fiber re terminated?

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    Re: Cisco 500 Express and Fiber Optics

    Have you found the FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide? It covers fiber and premises cabling technology in great depth, with lots of hands-on procedures.

    Do you know anything about the new Cisco servers? Will they use fiber or copper links?