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control bandwidth as per port in router

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  • control bandwidth as per port in router

    this is my first post in this forum.

    We want to connect 2 remote sites with headqaurte in hub and spoke fashion. there is not direct connection between remote sites.

    Site A <<--------------->>Head Quarter <<--------->>Site B

    Now we want to limitez the bandwidh used for each site (definaly bandwidth allowd would be as per chairman's mood). and for that i can use 2800 serires router or 700 series. Althought i told them that with ISA we can do this but my boss want this through hardware.

    tell me how can i do this with 2800 series as its less expensive then 700 series.
    and if 2800 cant do it then how to implemetn 700 serires

    E0 and E1 are suffient (v need a routehr with 2 ethernet ports for connectivity for sites)

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    Re: control bandwidth as per port in router

    You can use TRAFFIC SHAPING and assign the bandwidth how much you require and also u can setup a parameter of dropping packet if utilisation is become high then ur defined bandwith.

    Let me know if u require full configuration of traffic shaping