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  • getting Started - Cisco 101

    Greetings, I have read through a few postings hoping to find a good starting point. There seems to be a lot of push for online videos or Train Signal(Did use for my VMWare learning). I have learned most of my limited skills from Google and I was hoping to find a great reference/starting guide as I start to learn about Cisco routers. Our company just purchased some ASA 5505's, 861W and 881W routers and we had an outside group configure them since no one in our company is familiar with routers. We know that every time we have a request that it will be costing us a pretty penny. Well, I'm hoping to learn enough to be able to administer the routers without having to pay anyone else.

    As I begin my learning, I was hoping to find a great book to get me started. I know there are a lot of sites out there but I am hoping for a recommendation for a book/CD that can get me started.

    I have found that I do much better with a book than online training. If you have a recommendation for a book, I would greatly appreciate your experience and knowledge.


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    Re: getting Started - Cisco 101

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to get started. I have tried just using the PDF documents you get from Cisco but they seem to be more for intermediate users than for beginners. I was thinking about just buying a CCNA book, but I would like to get one that is more for beginners.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.